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For a class project we were asked to write about a piece of music which we 'liked' or found 'valuable' in some sense. I should probably indicate that i'm studying Music (a bit of context goes a long way, eh?) Anyway, after straining to find a music video/ music which I actually enjoyed, I changed my approach. Later we were given the entries of all class members.  They had discussed the emotional connections with their choices (songs their parents had played to them as children), some people chose songs that shaped their own musical style (Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac and Rory Gallagher) all undeniably great musicians, songwriters and performers! As all our entries were originally submitted anonymously we had no way of knowing what 'angle' people would take (on second thoughts...conversing may have worked, hmm....) Well here's my entry and remember whilst reading that, well in my defense nobody informed me that my definition of 'valuable' is a bit well lets just say 'different' or out of 'tune' (ha! Get it? Apologies...) to those of my classroom peers ... (to say the very least).

Hmm, here goes; Poeticism...Guetta-Style

In an attempt to re-engage myself with modern pop-culture I have subjected myself to the work of music producer du jour, David Guetta. His recent album, ‘Nothing but the beat 2.0’ has been topping the iTunes charts with compelling songs such as, ‘Where them girls at’. The album follows his success with the single, ‘Sexy Bitch’ in which the French producer enlisted the help of R&B artist, Akon. The single has since been offered to us as a ‘clean’ version, (sexy chick) reaching the top of most European music charts and also ranked no.5 in the Billboard Charts in America (much to everyone’s surprise and perhaps, dismay).

Guetta’s music is unashamedly directed towards the clubbing scene (but has somehow managed to seep through the perspex windows of these misery ridden buildings, joining us here in the outside world) he admits favouring a simpler ‘compositional’ style opting for unpretentious melodies and chord progressions, which help him to create more ‘emotional’ sounds. Guetta believes that repetitiveness helps us to emotionally engage with his work. But how could it not? (Frustration is an emotion, right?). In ‘Sexy Chick/ Bitch’ the chorus and verses center around one key concept, where the protagonist questions his ability to describe the object of his affection (the sexy chick) in a favourable manner. Unfortunately for Akon, he seems to have a better grasp on misogynistic terminology than an ability to ‘woo’ the ‘chicks’, ‘The way that booty movin’ I can’t take no more, I’m trying to find the words that describe this girl without being disrespectful’. The video itself is most usual. Set in a holiday location, the protagonist (Akon) has awoken to find that his ‘desirable’ has fled to a party; the video then follows Akon on his mission of pursuit. In his time at the party, he dances with scantily clad women, shares tender ‘Bromanctic’ moments with Guetta (the only other male with access to the party) and also manages to sing with incredible precision and audibility under water, quite the achievement! Finally we can rest with ease, as at the clubbing scene the two lovers are reunited (finally order has been restored!) Musically speaking the piece is repetitive, banal and sterile. A piece better fitting a health clinic in Ibiza than our surroundings.

Although Guetta and Akon attempted to portray this woman in a favourable manner it was a most feeble attempt, or at least they achieved so in a most ambiguous, convoluted manner! I sincerely hope that this video was some sort of social experiment, or is some sort of visual holiday ad perhaps produced by Thomas Cook holidays. Personally (on contemplation), a holiday with a dysfunctional wino in an Amish community would seem somewhat more alluring.

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